We listen.
We care.
We tailor your solution.


We provide complete design build solutions for residential, commercial and industrial projects.


We understand the importance of time and cost for land development projects.


We have the right skills and experience to help you with water infrastructure.


We have experienced surveyors who familiar with policies and rules in district plans of local councils.

Procerto brings curiosity, compassion, intellect, sound practice and experience to your project –

and delivers certain results.

Principals of Procerto have come together from a diverse background of expertise in engineering design and construction management across a wide range of areas:

  • Structural/Foundation Design
  • Civil Engineering Design
  • Survey
  • Three Waters
  • Flood Management
  • Modelling

Being a small team, we have a unique approach to listen to your problems, to care your needs, and to provide tailored solutions.

We always take care of our clients.

We always take care of our clients. We want to involve our clients from the start, build positive relationships through direct contact, and give them a reason to stay with us.

We offer free ‘no obligation’ quotes and estimates for all our works and are happy to discuss any fee or pricing arrangement with you.

We live our core values every day. they are the foundation of the process we follow for every project.

Through rigorous process, we develop design solutions and complete construction packages, including pre-build testing, architectural and engineering design, consents, construction, and post-build certification


Principals of Procerto have come together from a diverse background of expert consultancy in engineering and construction across a wide range of sectors: residential, light commercial and infrastructure. Our experts have the mix of skills to tailor solutions to suit an individual client’s needs.

We embrace and encourage responsible design and construction philosophies including effective use of space and materials; passive solar design; energy efficient design and construction; solar and other renewable power sources; efficient use of potable water and recycled greywater.

All of us at Procerto share the vision to provide design services in an open and inclusive way. We want to involve our clients from the start, building positive relationships through direct contact, and give them a reason to want to work with us.


We thoroughly explore the goals of our clients, and the potential of every project and site, without preconception or bias. We do all the necessary research and feasibility studies at this early stage.


We examine many solutions and design options in order to choose one that suits our client’s needs.


We explain our rationale and logical thinking in plain English to our client at every stage of the project and communicate in real time using the best platform.


We exemplify best industry practice by combining up-to-date technology and tools with hands-on consultation from our experts on every project.

Want to chat about your project?

“We have always found Procerto professional and great to work with.”
John De Freitas – Psychology Associates

“Procerto provides practical and cost effective solutions to design and construction issues that arise in any large project.”

Rob Dunstone – General Manager at Petrotec Services Ltd

“Always forthright, his high level of integrity and sense of honesty and fairness are characteristics that bring out the best in those around him.”

David Mitchell – Managing Director: Geomatic Consulting International

“He has a clear vision and is an open communicator with the ability to make things happen.”

Lachlan McNeill – Technical Recruitment for Architecture, Engineering & Construction talent.