Procerto brings curiosity, compassion, intellect, sound practice and experience to your building project –

and delivers certain results.

Through rigorous process, we develop design solutions and complete construction packages, including pre-build testing, architectural and engineering design, consents, construction, and post-build certification

We live our core values every day. They are the foundation of the process we follow for every building project.


We thoroughly explore the goals of our clients, and the potential of every building project and site, without preconception or bias. We do all the necessary research and feasibility studies at this early stage.

Exploration covers the initial meeting with our client and time spent discovering their expectations, needs and goals. It might involve site meetings and research. At this stage, we will also explore legal and local body paperwork and investigate consent requirements.


We examine many solutions and design options in order to choose one that suits our client’s needs.

We collate all the facts uncovered in our research and will be in consultation with our team of architects, engineers, suppliers and builders at this stage. We’ll look at more than one option and develop possible solutions for presentation to you for your building project.


We explain our rationale and logical thinking in plain English to our client at every stage of the building project and communicate in real time using the best platform.

We make a presentation to our client that will be in simple understandable language. It will always offer some options and recommendations based on our research and our understanding of the client needs. At every stage in the process, we’ll explain everything clearly. We look forward to a lot of personal interaction and face-to-face communication with our clients!


We exemplify best industry practice by combining up-to-date technology and tools with hands-on consultation from our experts on every building project.

Our clients can be assured that Procerto follows industry best practice at all stages. This covers current technical standards, health and safety procedures, and peer reviews as necessary. We hold the architects, suppliers, builders and other business partners we work with in the highest regard and associate only with those who uphold equally stringent industry standards.

Want to know more about who we are?

“We have always found Procerto professional and great to work with.”

John De Freitas – Psychology Associates

“Procerto provides practical and cost effective solutions to design and construction issues that arise in any large project.”

Rob Dunstone – General Manager at Petrotec Services Ltd

“Always forthright, his high level of integrity and sense of honesty and fairness are characteristics that bring out the best in those around him.”

David Mitchell – Managing Director: Geomatic Consulting International

“He has a clear vision and is an open communicator with the ability to make things happen.”

Lachlan McNeill – Technical Recruitment for Architecture, Engineering & Construction talent.